1.       It is all tears and shadows
           as we move against a background of things past

2.     How the present differs
         from what it seems to be:
         viewed in close-up
         it suffers under scrutiny

3.    Three tickets on the coffee table
        for a play long over.
        A champagne glass lies on its side

4.    Narrow lines for narrow minds

5.    He remembered her face and the way her beige skirt flowed, how she sat
        in the same chair as the seasons changed. 

6.   Home is so sad. It stays as it was left. The unwashed plates by the sink. The leftover cartons of last night’s take-away meal with the leftover food and no-one to take it away now.
The dust, so beautifully visible, made manifest by the summer sunshine reflected off the smeared mirror surfaces of the microbiological nightmare this kitchen has become.
And in the lounge, the records, those old vinyl discs, scattered across the floor, separated, maybe forever, from their protective sleeves. The cups of half-finished coffee, stained all the way down – these are deep stains, a permanent record of many such nights. The empty beer cans which are never quite empty – as you try to clear them away, the last drops fall to the floor accusingly. The stray peanuts that get caught between your toes, the wine glasses, toppled, and one with a broken stem.

7.    Towards night we were dressed in rags as around our bare legs the water flowed.

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