Strange and divers currents brought us to this time, this place, as mouth and hook collide. A moment of impulsive instinct, sating my hunger, and I am lifted into the alien air. I remember the panic, the struggling, and then I felt the pride and tenderness of the hands that cradled me in the… Read More Caught

White Water

You can feel the power and excitement, cutting through the waves, turning sharply into the wake. This is the life! More accurately, this is life. To know when to turn, to adapt to challenges, or on a whim, and how to create the white water by which others will remember us. {Poet’s Note – Day… Read More White Water


The shadows in this holy place exert a gravitational pull. Cloisters walked by monks for centuries They draw me closer into darker depths, towards an end which I never seem to reach. What does the distant darkness hide? Today, the answer is peace.   {Poet’s Note – my offering for Day 18 of National Poetry… Read More Shadows


Yesterday afternoon I went on a bluebell hunt. They are very shy creatures, keeping a low profile as they gather conspiratorially¬† with their kind amidst an abundance of green leaves. Unlike cowbells, (see below) or goatbells, (no picture available, but I do have a lovely memory of hearing them pass through a village early one… Read More Bluebells