A Nano Poem

This poem looks bigger than it really is, like a cat under threat. It has been magnified a hundred thousand times, but remains only a pinprick of light in the canopy of night. [We are told stars are bigger than they look, but we know that can’t be right – they are the nano poems… Read More A Nano Poem

Fallen Candle

A candle topples in the sand in the tray in this holy space. Is this significant? Embraced as we are by ancient architecture in this vastness, we lose our significance. Our smallness helps us to look at the world in new ways, investing the once trivial with special meaning. I lit the candle for a… Read More Fallen Candle

Come September

Come September, I feel the planet slip on its axis. There is a perceptible shift in the light-dark balance as the slider moves to the left. Inside, on the shoreline of my heart, the waves start to break more slowly and shadows lengthen to embrace me in their conspiracy with the autumn skies.  


National Poetry Writing Month – Day 25 Some sadnesses are beyond the reach of therapy; craters that no amount of love can fill, an emotional landscape as alien as the moon.