A Guide to Pond Life

This blog represents a long-delayed project of mine to find a suitable vehicle for my poetry and will hopefully stimulate me to write more. I spend too long gazing at the pond rather than dipping into it.

Specimens in the  Surface Skimmers category tend to be light and frivolous.

The Tadpoles can survive on their own but would mostly benefit from further development  – at a later stage some may become frogs,  but very few will be princes.

Specimens in the Deep Water category are mostly of a more serious nature – I have to lean over the pond at a dangerous angle and plunge my net deep to get these. Sometimes what looks promising in the depths can be disappointing when brought to the surface. Such is pond life.

The Flotsam page contains random snippets that may one day find their relevance.

The Fotopoetics page explains the rationale for this category – it was originally a free-standing blog but it became conceptually difficult to decide where to post things, so I have merged two into one.

Whatever brings you to my pond, I hope you enjoy what you find and will come again.



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