Welcome to my fotopoetics category. This is something I have been working towards for a while as a way of combining the only two areas in which I feel I am able to express my creative side. I do not have the technical skill to draw, paint or sculpt anything beyond primary school level, and I have no talent for music.

The use of photographs as stimuli for poetic ideas is not new by any means, but I hope to play around with various permutations in the ways in which the two areas can be melded. For example, having photographs with poetic themes or incorporating text into the images once I get to grips with the necessary software.

All of the photographs and poems used in the blog are my own. I am happy to be quoted, but please provide appropriate acknowledgement.

It would be great if visitors to the site could leave comments and, where they feel so moved, to share links to particular posts.

I hope you enjoy my efforts, which will range from the trite to (hopefully) the almost profound.

Fotopoetical greetings.


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