Strange and divers currents
brought us to this time, this place,
as mouth and hook collide.

A moment of impulsive instinct,
sating my hunger,
and I am lifted into the alien air.

I remember the panic, the struggling,
and then I felt the pride and tenderness
of the hands that cradled me in the soft evening light
and the residual warmth of the setting sun.

I am blessed with sudden insight –
I am a fish out of water!,
before once again feeling
the familiar lick of the sea,
a thousand watery tongues drawing me
back into the depths.

Post Script
I remember the lessons of the fish filosofy classes I attended at school, how we are changed and shaped by our experiences. I was no longer an anonymous sea bass, I had meaning and purpose. I was chosen, and then sent back into my world with a story to tell. I do gigs now, I am a stadium fish.  I am Sebastian the sea bass.

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