The Thin Man

There are many ways
to lose weight,
but in how many ways
can you be thin?

Thin arms
from his
frayed leather
a watch
hanging loosely
from his
right wrist,.
its blue face
seemed to
the room,
the only thing
that had
any substance,
that had the
to support
one’s attention.

This is
of the body,
but he spoke
of thinness
of the mind,
a few
across a
large lake.

And there
is thinness
of the soul,
an emptiness
of spirit,
of hope,
of love
for self
or others.

It is this
that ironically
hangs heavily
with me,
like a watch
that is far
too big
and whose
hands move
so slowly,
marking the
seconds of
a lost life

{Poet’s Note – Day 28 of National poetry Writing Month. }

3 thoughts on “The Thin Man

  1. I like how the structure of the poem was thin itself, not sure if that was intentional or not but it really works with the subject you were writing about. A thought-provoking read, I for one like a man with a bit of substance to him! 🙂 x

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