A Nano Poem

This poem looks bigger
than it really is,
like a cat under threat.

It has been magnified
a hundred thousand times,
but remains only a pinprick of light
in the canopy of night.

[We are told stars
are bigger than they look,
but we know that can’t be right –
they are the nano poems of our

If I were to recite this poem
out loud from a high tower,
like a call to prayer in Marrakesh,
it would be no more than a whisper,
a scuttling of insect feet in a cathedral
filled with choristers in full voice.

This is the plight
of the nano poet.

{Poet’s Note – my offering for Day 9 of Nano Poetry Writing Month. The idea for this came from a quote on the radio this morning from a scientist explaining that the good thing about nano-technology is that everything is so small.}


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