Strange and divers currents brought us to this time, this place, as mouth and hook collide. A moment of impulsive instinct, sating my hunger, and I am lifted into the alien air. I remember the panic, the struggling, and then I felt the pride and tenderness of the hands that cradled me in the… Read More Caught

The Thin Man

There are many ways to lose weight, but in how many ways can you be thin? Thin arms protruded from his frayed leather jacket, a watch hanging loosely from his right wrist,. its blue face seemed to dominate the room, the only thing that had any substance, that had the strength to support one’s attention.… Read More The Thin Man

Sunday Afternoon

The long hours of the afternoon slither like a slow worm through warm grass. From the garden we hear the sounds of life that surround us, reminders that we are not alone. The distant traffic forms the back-beat of our daily soundtrack, but the overlays today include a parrot that imitates a mobile phone and… Read More Sunday Afternoon